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TheAntiTerrorist on Faux Food, Corporate Cuisine

Are additives subtracting from your health? Broadcast 5 October 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Big Business of Being Behind Bars

Penitentiary? or Penifactory? Broadcast July 26, 2010 Why do rapists and murderers hit the streets in a fraction of the time compared to people incarcerated for non-violent crimes? It all begins to make sense when you approach it as an … Continue reading

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TheAntiTerrorist on Opening Pandora’s BOP

After the oil, is there any hope left? Broadcast June 30, 2010 Topics for further Research: Gulf Crisis, Deepwater Horizon, BP, Halliburton, World Government, Globalisation, Oil Spill, Evacuations

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Larder of Last Resort

Cache-ing or crashing? Larder of Last Resort Info Pack Topics for further research: food shortage, hoarding, stockpiling, food cache, NWO, New World Order, Financial Crisis, Food crisis, emergency supplies, survival, bug out, how to survive, disaster preparedness, Survivalist, food hoarding, … Continue reading

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TheAntiTerrorist on Bunker In or Bug Out?

Is this the winter of our discount tent? Broadcast May 17, 2010 Topics for further research: bugging out, financial collapse, Argentina collapse, Soviet Union collapse, food storage, first aid, bio-terrorism incident, home preparedness, home garden, Hurricane evacuation, home defense, community, … Continue reading

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