TheAntiTerrorist on ‘Bah Humbug’

Got Chrimble Spirit?
Broadcast 22 December 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on Corporate Tax Collection

Are we paying their fair share?
Broadcast 8 December 2010

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A few ‘Toons from Standing Under Freedom

Click the image below to view the entire cartoonset. All quoted statements in cartoons are taken verbatim from emails, sign up to online trading in UK personal messages & comments to TheAntiTerrorist from real human beans.

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Standing Under Freedom: A Foundation for Personal Empowerment

by TheAntiTerrorist
Standing Under Freedom CoverThe second book by TheAntiTerrorist covers dealing with the police, disaster preparedness basics, the business of marriage and the absurdity of licensing what should be private, how and why the government can claim your children and what you can do to avoid this, the carrot-and-stick aspect of citizenship, the scam of corporate tax collection and the hazards of ‘having income,’ how to effectively question ‘authority,’ internet spying and the growth industry of security surveillance, the paramount importance of protecting your privacy, the vital issue of an individual’s right to bear arms, and the lure, dangers and history-repeats-itself aspect of fiat currency. Standing Under Freedom.

Designed and Illustrated by Holly Ollivander :: HEO

Standing Under Freedom is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and other booksellers with the ISBN: 978-1-905605-22-4.

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Bitter Pill

Will a spoonful of sugar help this medicine go down?
Broadcast 5 October 2010

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Standing Under Freedom

Timothy AntiTerrorist is the author of Standing Under Freedom, A Foundation for Personal Empowerment

SUF will be available basically any minute now. After a ten-day death march by HEO and assorted indispensable helpers on the proofreading and layout of the final manuscript, the book has now been approved by the distributor and is only awaiting Amazon to activate it for purchase.

We’ll let everyone know the minute this happens.

Cover of Standing Under Freedom

Standing Under Freedom will also be available through brick-and-mortar bookstores by ordering with the ISBN.

Cover of Standing Under Freedom

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TheAntiTerrorist on Faux Food, Corporate Cuisine

Are additives subtracting from your health?
Broadcast 5 October 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on Seeing The Light

Are we doomed to be a bunch of dim bulbs?
Broadcast 13 September 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Communist Manifesto

Better well-read than dead?
Broadcast 25 August 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Big Business of Being Behind Bars

Penitentiary? or Penifactory?
Broadcast July 26, 2010

Why do rapists and murderers hit the streets in a fraction of the time compared to people incarcerated for non-violent crimes?

It all begins to make sense when you approach it as an employer would; then the question becomes, “Which type of person would you rather have on your factory assembly line? The guy who ripped out someone’s grandmother’s eyeballs and then set her cat on fire? Or Gentle Gerry the Marijuana Grower?”

In the new ‘prison for profit’ scheme taking over the United States penal system, they are betting on Gentle Gerry. For the rest of his life.

Topics for further research: United States prison system, incarceration, penitentiary, private prisons, corrupt judges, corrupt judicial system, American prison population

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